Introducing no-commitment candle fun.

Offered in scents that match some of our best-selling Farmhouse Mason candles, these pretty 4 oz candle tins go anywhere. Perfect as a little pick-me-up, or a thoughtful gift for others stuck at home. Tins are a subtle, brushed gold and labeled with a b&w design of vintage botanicals that match each scent.

Classic. Simple. Versatile.


Arrggg! - Hey, Scallywags! Bring out your inner pirate and dream of summer vacay with this tropical, coconut-lime blend. Reminiscent of pina coladas in the Caribbean. Little umbrella not included. Blue Grass & Violet - A fresh, light blend of herbs and florals, this garden fragrance brings backyard beauty inside. A perfect companion to your spring cleaning.


Deep Creek Lake - A balance of balsam, mountain fir, and pine cones, with base notes of amber and stone moss. A year-round favorite for those who love natural, woodsy scents. This one will have you packing for the cabin.


Farmhouse Hearth - Fireside cedarwood and smoke with hints of pine, clove-studded oranges, and port wine. Balanced and masculine without being overly "smoky". This is a total rustic mood-setter.


Green Ivy & Amber - A clean, unisex fragrance infused with top notes of crisp, white grapefruit and woodsy sage over soft amber, oakmoss, and cedarwood. Reminiscent of luxury colognes, Green Ivy & Amber is a classic that pairs well with warmer weather.


Just Breathe - Bring the spa experience home. This mix of soft eucalyptus and garden peppermint works perfectly in bed or bath to create a refreshing sense of well-being, as well as in work spaces to set a soothing, yet productive mood. Perfect to relieve stress and clear the mind.


Lemon Poundcake - Delicious and inviting, this fragrance evokes a summer picnic dessert. Many bakery scents can feel a bit heavy and oversweet in warmer weather. This one's lemon zest and buttery vanilla notes keep it light.


Mimosa - The brunch favorite comes to life! Effervescent champagne with a splash of sweet orange and peach. This fragrance is all about positivity, brightness, and energy. The perfect desktop pick-me-up while working from home.


Morning in Paris - This calming blend of French lavender, lilac, vanilla, and linen is like waking up to soft sheets, spring air, and the Paris flower market. Compared to the scent of luxury bath products, this fragrance is lavender-forward, with additional floral and linen hints to round it out. A great choice for those who love lavender, or all things French.


Saltflower - Our ode to the wildflowers growing along California's golden coast near Big Sur. Notes of coastal citrus, sea grass, and wild florals create a layered fragrance that's bright and natural with a hint of beach air. Green and fresh, this is a perfect match for spring.


Sea Glass - Our top-selling spa scent. This fragrance floats notes of sea mist, golden bamboo, sea grass, and lily for a relaxing blend that's a natural fit in living room, bedroom, or by the tub. Unwind and enjoy.


Shiplap - A must for those who love sandalwood. Shiplap combines spice notes of ginger and clove with a masculine body of tropical teakwood and sandalwood. Exotic with hints of ocean, this is not overly heavy or musky. A great choice for men who love home fragrance.


Wild & Free - Feeling a little claustrophobic after weeks in the house? This clean botanical celebrates life beyond the front door.Infused with light florals and splashes of citrus, Wild & Free has soft, green undertones reminiscent of spring leaves, flower buds, and rain. Whether you miss walks around the neighborhood, trips to the trail, or bike rides through the county, this relaxed, spring classic is a little reminder of that forbidden space: OUTSIDE.

The Bathing Raven Soy Candle

    • WAX WEIGHT: 4 oz
    • VESSEL: Brushed gold metal tin with rolled-edge, gold lid.
    • SIZE: Approx. 1.75"H x 2.5"D
    • BURN TIME: Up to 16 hours. 



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